Robin Hood & Legos

Forestmen (1987–1990)


Once upon a time…they roamed the forests…um, store shelves. Though bow-and- arrow weilding, and very, very green…these Lego sets were not released under the name “Robin Hood” but as part of the Castle Series “Forestmen”.

The following information about the now retired “Forestmen” Lego sets, is an excerpt from Wikipedia: :

The Forestmen theme was introduced in 1987 when Lego Castle released the first Forestmen set Camouflaged Outpost. This set was a hideout that featured a large tree adjacent to a cave where the Forestmen lived. The interior of the set could be opened to see inside the cave and enabled more play. The set included six Forestmen minifigures, the most Forestmen minifigures in a single set.

This set was also one of the first sets to have a brown colored horse. In 1988, the Forestmen’s Hideout was released; it was a small tree hideout that housed two Forestmen. The following year, the Forestmen’s River Fortress, which was the largest Forestmen set, was released. This hideout was an abandoned castle covered with trees, vines and leaves, where it was surrounded by a moat. It included five Forestmen, and a Crusader paddling a raft. In 1990, the last original Forestmen hideout set, Forestmen’s Crossing, was released. This set had a unique baseplate of a small stream printed on it with white dots marked on the studs to indicate where to place the pieces. The set featured an old tower and a large tree which were connected by a rope bridge that ran across the stream. This was the only set to include a Forestwoman minifigure. A few forestmen were included in other small non-Forestmen Castle sets, such as Castle Mini Figures. After 1990, the series was discontinued. In 1996, a new Forestmen sub theme was released, called Dark Forest.

Reference Name Released Minifigures Notes
1680 Forestmen’s Cart 1990 3 Forestmen
1877 Crusader’s Cart 1990 2 Forestmen
1974 Smuggler’s Hayride 1989 Robber, Forestmen
6054 Forestmen’s Hideout 1988 2 Forestmen
6066 Camouflaged Outpost 1987 6 Forestmen
6071 Forestmen’s Crossing 1990 4 Forestmen, Forestwoman
6077 Forestmen’s River Fortress 1989 5 Forestmen, Guard
6103 Castle Mini Figures 1988 2 Soldiers, 2 Forestmen, Guard, villager