When Freedom of Speech is Bullied

ABC World News with Diane Sawyer: Military Funeral Protest Suit in Supreme Court


The right to Freedom of Speech is not to be twisted, marred, and polluted by ego, hatred, and disrespect.

Anti-Gay protestors have the right to free speech, not the right to disrespect.

Exercise your rights in an appropriate place. Voice your protest to the people who should be hearing it…senators, congressmen, the President, and other elected officials.

The fallen servicemember entombed in that coffin sacrificed their life to ensure your rights, the rights you are still alive to use.

Don’t reward their selfless sacrifice with your hatred and disrespect. They are no longer alive and able to defend themselves against you. Their family is in the depth of profound grief that only a military family could understand.

Scream your frustration and beliefs to the federal government whose job it is to listen to you. Be the voice of reason for your cause. Persuasion not bullying.

Validate your rights, show us that you deserve them and are thankful to have them.

Thousands of military members and their families sacrifice every day and will continue to do so for years to come.

A military family lives in worry and fear everyday. During times of war, it is nightmares and utter terror.

Allow our fallen servicemembers the dignity they have earned.

Let them mourn in peace.

-Rose Wade

Daughter of dual military parents retired from the United States Navy. Proud, supportive, and sacrificing wife of a 23 year veteran husband in the United States Air Force.


About Rose

Writer, Editor, & Photographer.
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