Robin Hood LEGO® Campaign

The Robin Hood Autism Foundation originated from the idea that the introduction of Robin Hood-themed LEGO® sets would help promote both LEGO® Therapy and Autism Awareness.

A petition was drafted in order to obtain a total of 10,000 signatures that would be presented to LEGO® in an effort to persuade the company to produce Lego brick sets themed after the 2010 film ‘Robin Hood’. The petition received many responses, however the LEGO® company has told me that they have no plans to create ‘Robin Hood’ lego sets.

The petition ended and the campaign name was changed to the ‘Robin Hood Autism Foundation’ in order to reflect the broader reach we hope to attain in Autism Awareness.

The primary goals of the Robin Hood Autism Foundation will be the support of  LEGO® Therapy and Dr. LeGoff’s continued research.

We hope that you will consider the benefits of LEGO® Therapy as an option for those on the Autism Spectrum. To learn more about LEGO® Therapy, please contact Dr. Daniel B. LeGoff. His information can be found on his FaceBook page.


7 Responses to Robin Hood LEGO® Campaign

  1. BTW, I have contacts at LEGO Corp, including the innovations director, Cecilia Weckstrom. I can contact her on your behalf about a Robin Hood LEGO series. I used to have a few Robin Hood sets, but they were called “Dark Forest” (these sets are still available on The problem is, they try to time their new series with other media, like the Star Wars movies, the LEGO Movie, the popularity of Thomas the Tank Engine and SpongeBob, for example. I can ask Cecilia what she thinks about it. No harm in asking. BTW, GW Krauss and I also have a website: Please feel free to contribute or post updates about your mission there!

    • Dr. LeGoff,

      If you’re still willing to contact Cecilia Weckstrom, that would be very appreciated. The ‘Robin Hood’ movie is a few years old now. However, vintage always comes back in style at some point. Perhaps the LEGO company would be interested in reviving a few of the old sets, starting with an updated “Dark Forest”. Atari came back, maybe Robin Hood legos can, too! 🙂

  2. Hey Guys, sorry I haven’t been more active on-line. I guess I’m getting old. Most of my work is still face-to-face, which is a bias I guess, but for people with autism, it’s probably not a bad place to start. I know too many who spend their days in front of a screen, with almost no live human contact (and that’s after years of therapy!). I have a new book coming out this Spring with Jessica Kingsley Publishing: How LEGO-Based Therapy Works: Landing on my Planet. It’s a series of case histories of the first LEGO therapy kids, here in Hawaii (I’m back in Hawaii, now), and then in New Jersey, from 1997 to about 2005. Anyway, I notice you had listed some of my publications, but not the 2006 article with Mike Sherman in the international journal, Autism, nor the 2014 LEGO-Based Therapy manual, with Gina Gomes, GW Krauss and Simon Baron Cohen (also published by JKP, and available on Amazon, now in electronic form and in translations — you can now read about LEGO therapy in Italian or Spanish!). I have been planning with GW Krauss, to offer some LEGO Therapy trainings, worldwide, if that’s where it takes us. That would be a good mission! Get us out there. GW and I have no idea how to do that. We should be training folks in the LEGO therapy methodology — otherwise, it could morph into something useless, with my name on it, which I would really not like to happen. Good luck with the website and mission, and let me know if there’s anything I can do to help. – Dan

    • Dr. LeGoff,

      I would love to find more of your articles and research to share on this website, with your permission. I wish LEGO Therapy had been available near me at the time when my son could have attended. There are many people I’ve spoken to who have not heard of LEGO Therapy but are excited to learn about it and find it in their city. I am currently updating the website and will be including more of your articles and updated information about your published works.

  3. Robin says:

    Hello – happen to find you through Twitter! I always loved Robin Hood! Would love a Lego set of this. My son who is an Asperger and I are the creators of Constructing Play – Building Skills and Friendships (R)
    We use Legos, Knex and other building toys to build on their interest and skills. Working with our MEd facilitators, we coach, model and create opportunities for the kids to build and work together on projects. We also work on OT/Sensory aspects and spend quite a bit of time on conversation skills. Amazing what happens in 6 week sessions.

    I hope Lego honors your petition!

  4. nichole mitchell says:

    I have a son on the spectrum and I think this is the best idea ever. He loves legos and sit and plays with them for hours .

  5. Sunday says:

    I signed the petition!
    As a mom with 2 boys on the severe end of the autism spectrum I think this is a great idea!

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