Robin Hood LEGO® Campaign

The Robin Hood Autism Foundation originated from the idea that the introduction of Robin Hood-themed LEGO® sets would help promote both LEGO® Therapy, and Autism Awareness.

A petition was drafted in order to obtain a total of 10,000 signatures that would be presented to LEGO® in an effort to persuade the company to produce Lego brick sets themed after the 2010 film ‘Robin Hood’.

The campaign name was changed to the ‘Robin Hood Autism Foundation’ in order to reflect the broader reach we hope to attain in Autism Awareness.

One of the primary goals of the Robin Hood Autism Foundation will continue to be the introduction of Robin Hood Lego brick sets.

We hope that you will consider the benefits of LEGO® Therapy as an option for those on the Autism Spectrum, and aid our goal by adding your name to the Robin Hood LEGO® Campaign Petition.


Rose Wade

3 Responses to Robin Hood LEGO® Campaign

  1. Robin says:

    Hello – happen to find you through Twitter! I always loved Robin Hood! Would love a Lego set of this. My son who is an Asperger and I are the creators of Constructing Play – Building Skills and Friendships (R)
    We use Legos, Knex and other building toys to build on their interest and skills. Working with our MEd facilitators, we coach, model and create opportunities for the kids to build and work together on projects. We also work on OT/Sensory aspects and spend quite a bit of time on conversation skills. Amazing what happens in 6 week sessions.

    I hope Lego honors your petition!

  2. nichole mitchell says:

    I have a son on the spectrum and I think this is the best idea ever. He loves legos and sit and plays with them for hours .

  3. Sunday says:

    I signed the petition!
    As a mom with 2 boys on the severe end of the autism spectrum I think this is a great idea!

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